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Award winners archive 2010 - Doctoral Thesis

Name of award winnerAleš Petek
Title of paperThe definition of a stable technological window by incremental sheet metal forming
Andrej Čampa
Name of award winnerAndrej Čampa
Title of paperModelling and optimizing advanced optical concepts in thin-film solar cells
Boštjan Udovič
Name of award winnerBoštjan Udovič
Title of paperEconomic security and economic diplomacy: the case of direct foreign investments, of Nova Ljubljanska banka, into western Balcan markets
Caterina Spada
Name of award winnerCaterina Spada
Title of paperEmployee engagement and focus on core values as levers of an integrated approach to sustainable excellence for competitivness during a long perod
Danijel Močibob
Name of award winnerDanijel Močibob
Title of paperGlass panel under shear loading - use of glass envelopes in building stabilization
Davor Skejić
Name of award winnerDavor Skejić
Title of paperReliability assessment of beam-to-column joint with cleats
Davorin Kralj
Name of award winnerDavorin Kralj
Title of paperModeling of recycled isolating materials from hard polyurethane and lightweight concrete with aggregates with expanded glass for improvement energy efficiency of buildings
Jasmina Lozanović
Name of award winnerJasmina Lozanović
Title of paperStress determination of crack tip, and evaluation of structural integrity, by computerised stereometric measurement
Name of award winnerJelena Jovanović
Title of paperModel of improving environmental management system by multi-software
Name of award winnerLeon Kos
Title of paperExpansion of collisionless discharge models for application in fusion-relevant and general plasmas
Ljudmila Koprivec
Name of award winnerLjudmila Koprivec
Title of paperThe influence of contemporary materials and technologies on the building envelope
Marko Berginc
Name of award winnerMarko Berginc
Title of paperThe influence of geometry, material properties and operational conditions on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Matej Borovinšek
Name of award winnerMatej Borovinšek
Title of paperComputational modeling of irregular cellular structures
Matej Rajh
Name of award winnerMatej Rajh
Title of paperThe influence of cable drive characteristics on performance of a haptic mechanism
Peter Baloh
Name of award winnerPeter Baloh
Title of paperTowards knowledge needs - technology fit model for knowledge management systems
Tomaž Hozjan
Name of award winnerTomaž Hozjan
Title of paperNonlinear analysis of composite planar structures exposed to fire
Tomaž Žula
Name of award winnerTomaž Žula
Title of paperSynthesis of steel buildings with mixed-integer nonlinear programming
Viktor Zaletelj
Name of award winnerViktor Zaletelj
Title of paperModel environment for construction of distributed manufacturing systems
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